SnK Naturally Horse Training


Services & Rates

Colt Starting : $500/mth - May vary per horse. 

Colt Starting is essentially the begining steps to a wonderful partnership or the begining of a night-mare. So start your horses training off on the right foot! 

Most horses will learn the basics in a 30 day course that teaches them ground skills and build into complex riding mauevers. 

EVALUATIONS (free) and DEPOSITS are due before booking for training! 

All horses learn at their own pace. Allow them to learn, take the time it takes so it takes less time!

PLEASE NOTE that all horses are individuals. Schedule an evaluation with Sara for further information on your horses talents and areas that may prove more difficult!

Problem Solving: Price per horse.


An evaluation is critical with problem horses! Please schedule an evaluation atleast 2 weeks prior to scheduling for training!

Continual Training: Price per horse. Starting at $150

An evaluation of your horses known talents is required. Your horse will further his skills, confidence, and his overall knowlege through extensive ground exercises, saddle work, and also many hours of trail time! For more information on the different stages of Continual Training please contact us!

Continual Training is for most "Green" Horses. If you have put your colt through the Colt Starting Sessions with Sara you will recieve a special rate if you choose to stay with us for more than 60 days! If you are bringing a horse from a different trainer please notify us to schedule an EVALUATION! Sara will tell you where your horse currently is in the grand scheme of things and will prepare you a strick training schedule that your horse will undergo as he continues his training! A portfolio is also avaliable if you would like documentation, photographs, and video of his journey! (The Portfolio must be paid in full before training is complete!) 

Sales and Marketing : Commission of 10% of horses sales value or $150/week base pay. 

We offer Sales and Marketing where Sara will take your horse evaluate he or she, make a documented analyses of the horse, and post he or she online with Professional Photos, Video, and Professional Trainer garuntee. 

Prices for Photo's and Video are seperate and will be paid to the photographer/videographer. 

Sara has unique methods for her matchmaking. If you are looking for a quick sale to a buyer you KNOW will give your horse a good home then Sara is your girl. Sara will NOT sell a horse to a buyer that isn't a compatiable match! Lessons are offered with the new buyers at a discounted rate before the sale is finalized assuring that the match is indeed the right one!