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Quotes Sara knows her horses! I highly recommend her to anyone that feels like they wan't to give up. I met Sara at a Horse Sale where people were swarming her asking for her opinion on some of the Herd Dispersal horses. Even though she was being swarmed by needy people she took the time to communicate to each and every one of us. This girl jumped on a horse - mind you these horses are scared and all over the place!! This girl jumped on a huge stallion in his pen WITHOUT A HALTER OR LEAD ROPE! The owner came by the pen and pulled the horse OUT OF THE SALE! Amazing. I am super impressed with what she has accomplished since she began working with my mustang Tanto. I am sad to see her leaving for Missouri but I feel blessed to find a trainer, friend, and mentor in her! Best of luck to you Sara! Quotes
The Best EVER

Quotes Oh my gosh. This girl has talent out the wazoo! Two weeks with my over sensitive TB and he was a mellow kitten after! We bought this horse as a rescue and I had many many many trainers out to look at this horse. All of them told me "you need to sell him, hes just crazy" Well Sara came out took one look at him and said " No he's perfectly imperfect" I had no idea what that meant at the time but now I know she meant that non of us are perfect and neither are our animals. She took heed of his reactions and he just caved! This horse will let me do just about anything now! The farrier asked where my crazy horse went and I said that this genie came and gave me an entirely new horse! Quotes
The Sky is the Limit!

Quotes I have never seen anyone that has the guts of this girl. I had a 3 year old Foxtrotter that I had sent to a well known cowboy trainer. Well long story short he really messed my horse up. When I brought him home after 2 months of training i couldnt even saddle him. After 3 sessions Sara was on his back. He loved her! Not only does she have balls but she is a damn good rider. Quotes
This girl has balls!

Quotes I have had so many bad experiences with trainers that I felt like there was noone out there that could understand my needs, aspirations, and wants. But this girl does! If you want a trainer that is just as friendly and informative to you as she is your horse then this girl comes highly recommended by me and my horses! Quotes
Hands Free

Quotes My mare KoKo and I have been having a lot of issues in the arena and with general ground manners. Sara has been out multiple times and I have seen great results! Her first day Sara saw KoKo she told me that she had a feeling she had once upon a time been used for barrels, poles, or some other speed event and that's why when she saw and arena she went crazy! Sara watched me ride and helped me with my confidence as a rider... but what really was amazing was the way that KoKo moved under Sara! You would think this horse was a professional dressage horse and I cant even get her to stand for mounting! Truely amazing first session and everyone since has been improving my relationship with KoKo! I feel like a have a buddy that wants to be with me rather than has to be! Thank you so much Sara! Quotes
Best EVER!