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Who We Are

At SnK Naturally, we are focused on providing  Equine Training services with the highest levels of Client Statisfaction! 

Head Trainer - Sara Hendrickson

Ever since an early age Sara has been atop a horse. She spent most of her childhood with many different "problem" horses that everyone else declared "untrainable", "stupid", and even "dangerous". 

Sara learned early on that she had a talent of training even the most dangerous of horses when she recieved a black arabian that many had given up on. Sara and Blacky had established a bond so close that she was the only one for a long period that the horse would allow on his back. Ever since, Sara has been unstopable! 

Although, she can teach and train just about any breed she continues to turn to Arabians as her all time favorite. "We just click. Both of us are hard headed, strong willed, and sometimes "crazy"!" Sara says. Her methods are all natural and she doesnt use gimmicks or "quick fixes" to any problem. Her methods are formatted to leave you with a horse that you trust and love! Not to mention a HORSE THAT FEELS THE SAME ABOUT YOU!

For more information on Sara's Training please visit our services page!

  • Rain?
  • Arabian Halter Training
    Arabian Halter Training
  • No biggie; first session.
    No biggie; first session.
  • First Ride
    First Ride
  • First Session. No lead.
    First Session. No lead.
  • Marketing Sales and Video Prep
    Marketing Sales and Video Prep
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    Leisure Trail Rides
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    A good overall session!
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    Clipping and Prep Avalaible
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    Commission Marketing and Sales

Why Us?

Have you ever had a horse that was deemed untrainable, stupid, or even dangerous? Have you ever been told "its the horse"? Well now there is hope! SnK Naturally does not turn ANY horse away and will offer you training rates to fit your budget! 

Do you wish you could have a horse that you love showing off to people!? SnK Naturally offeres extensive training with very high standards! No horse leaves our training program "finished" if you cannot slide off their crop, crawl underneath them, do sitting jumping jacks, fire a gun, etc! If you wan't a really trusty companion that you know is BOMB PROOF then check out Sara's Training Methods!